Thursday, July 08, 2021

The View from the Blue as featured in the July 6 edition

IN the past, I’ve hinted towards a column like this and as vague and uncommitted as the hint was, it still managed to piss off a lorry-load of people. This is what opinion pieces are supposed to be though. They’re supposed to provoke thought and they’re supposed to make you think. I have to preface it though, by saying that not every person that stands under the umbrellas I’m about to refer to are as bad as I’m about to make out. There are exceptions to every rule and often I think that it’s these exceptions that keep the country going. So, without further prevaricating, let’s start talking about the people in this country that I’m absolutely sick of.

SOME Civil Service Workers

There are always going to be people in this line of work who are dutiful and diligent, and then there are going to people who truly do not give a sh*t. The jobs for life merchants who couldn’t get sacked if they made it their ultimate mission in life. Right now, in this mid-pandemic world, there are thousands of civil service staff “working” from home and slowing this country down to a crawl. When you go into an office of the Government, you’ll often be met by a sign that says, “Please be respectful of staff. Abuse will not be tolerated”. These signs are required because many people in this line of work care so little about what they do that it’s near impossible for them to hide their complete and utter indifference for whatever problem it is that you have. I went into one of these buildings recently and was met with the worst attitude in a worker that I think I had ever seen. They possessed the ability to communicate almost entirely with a series of grunts and shoulder shrugs. They didn’t care about me or any of the people queueing behind me. They were probably bitter about the fact that most of the people who used to be at the desks behind them, were now at home binging on Netflix. If this was a private company, this person would have been sacked long ago and productivity in this department would have sky-rocketed. These are the people that are running our country though. These are the staff members of the HSE, and the Department of Health and all the other departments that we rely upon to exist, and Jesus Christ on a cross that makes me so angry.

I don’t care how many Civil Service workers I annoy with this opinion because I have spoken to enough who have admitted to me that they barely did a part-time job before the pandemic happened, never mind in the middle of it, when all they have to do now is pop onto an online meeting every now and again. The slowest departments in the country have now gotten even slower and they have the golden excuse they’ve always been waiting for – ‘Covid’. The thing I hate most about these people – and again, I must stress, that when I say these people, I don’t mean all civil service workers (far from it), I mean the thousands who know who they are and just don’t give a damn. Anyway, the thing I hate most about them is that their wages go up every year while their productivity goes down. And they control the flow of the information so you’ll never fully know just how bad they are, because they won’t let you. If you’re wondering why so many things in Ireland now are either not happening, or moving at a snail’s pace, there’s a good chance it’s down to ineptitude, laziness and indifference in some Government office somewhere.


The entitled

There are hundreds of thousands of hard working people in this country, and then there are those who think they’re entitled to everything. These are often the people who give out loudest on the internet, where it’s safe, and, frankly, where they don’t have to get off their arses. Social housing is a very important tool in any country, and it helps so many who need it most. It’s also the most abused system there is. There are people who think they should get absolutely everything for free. They want to get their state payments, and they want to have their part-time job, but they also want to get their council house, and they’ll scream abuse at whoever they need to until they get it. Most won’t do a tap inside that house when it’s needed, demanding their local councillor get someone to do it for them instead. We all know someone like this, just like we also know the many fantastic people who contribute massively to society, despite not having the resources in their lives that they deserve. I believe it’s all about how we were reared. Some people come into this world entitled and from day one, they learn from the best.

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