Friday, July 16, 2021


3rd Anniversary

In loving memory of Helen O’Leary late of Ballyduff Lower whose 3rd anniversary occurs on 19th July.

Mass offered on Sunday July 18th at 9:30am in Ballyduff Church.

Long is the road to yesterday, that leads us back to you

And memories of us together and happy times we knew

We shared so much together, Laughter, joy and tears

For us who thought so much of you, they were our happiest years

Nothing can replace you, nothing ever will

In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still

The precious years won’t come again when we were all together

But the love and joy you gave to us will stay with us forever.

From your loving husband, Tony.


Mam, how can I find the words to say to tell you how much I miss you

Throughout every single day, How I miss our special chats

And the way that you would listen to me

How you were always there for me

And to cheer me up and when we talked on the phone

Living without you Mam is so very hard to bear

I would give all I have to waken and see you standing there.

I pray to God to give me strength to somehow get me through

As I struggle with my heartache that came the day I lost you.

Loving you forever, forgetting you never, your daughter Martina and Rachel xxx


Thank you Nanny for the years we shared

For the love you gave and the way you cared

You left a place no one can fill, We love you Nanny and always will.

From your grandchildren Alan & Rachel, your great grandchildren Daragh and Cian. xxx


Today’s the anniversary of the day that I lost you

And for a time it felt as though my life had ended too.

But loss has taught me many things and now I face each day

With hope and happy memories to help me on my way

And though I’m full of sadness that you’re no longer here

Your influence still guides me and I still feel you near

What we shared will never die, It lives within my heart

Bringing strength and comfort while we are apart.

Missing you dearly everyday love always your daughter Olivia and son-in-law Daniel.


A tribute of love to a great Nanny so dear

So close to our hearts each day of the year

We will always have memories to cherish and hold

Of a wonderful great Nanny more precious than gold.

Love always from your grandchildren Dylan, Kayla and Daniel.


Until we meet again

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile

If only I could have you back for just a little while

Then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do

You always meant so very much and always will do too

The fact that your no longer here will always cause me pain

But you’re forever in my heart , until we meet again.

Loved and missed everyday your son Stephen and Donna.


Miss you Mam.

A thousand words could not bring you back, I know because I tried

A thousand tears could not bring you back, I know because I cried

I really miss you Mam, tell me I miss you Mam

Although your soul is a rest and your body free from pain

The world would be like heaven if I had you back again.

Your always in my thoughts no matter where I go

Always in my heart because I loved you so.

How ever long my life might last, whatever land I view

Whatever joy or grief is mine, I still remember you.

I really miss you Mam, always loved and remembered by your loving son Ken & Geraldine.

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