Tuesday, July 20, 2021

IT’S not just John Mullane who ‘loves his county boi’ – we all do, and here’s our chance to prove it. Voting is open HERE for The Irish Times Best Place to Live In Ireland 2021 competition and as it stands, we’re hopelessly trailing behind the likes of Dublin and Monaghan. No disrespect to The Farney but the home of the oldest city in Ireland, with the best beaches, the best greenway, the best restaurants and probably the lushest soil while we’re at it, surely has to come out on top.

But we need votes!!!

According to The Irish Times, they want you to nominate the place you love to live by writing a short pitch. It could be a town, village, city, suburb, island or other geographical area – like a peninsula or townland. Over the course the summer, their judges will shortlist a number of places around the island of Ireland, visit the best of them, and choose a winner.

Things they’re looking for include natural amenities, beautiful buildings, community spirit, activities and services, a welcome for outsiders, transport links, affordability and employment opportunities, and good health and wellbeing – which we have in ABUNDANCE!
The place that has these qualities – and that elusive X factor – will be named the Best Place to Live in Ireland 2021.

The closing date is July 25 so get sharing, and get voting!

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