Tuesday, July 20, 2021

IRISH WATER’S (IW) operations lead in Waterford has appealed to the public to conserve water as the hot spell continues.

In a statement issued this afternoon, IW’s Niall O’Riordan declared: “The current extra demand, combined with reduced capacity, is not sustainable across Waterford City and County. We are appealing to everyone to be mindful of this and reduce water consumption as much as possible.”

As the high-temperature weather advisory still in place, IW “is continuing to urge the public to conserve water to ensure a consistent supply for all during this busy time.

“Demand for drinking water has increased very significantly in many supplies across Waterford City and County. At the same time, due to the dry weather and high temperatures, water source levels are dropping. Irish Water, together with Waterford City and County Council, is working hard to maintain supplies”.

With supplies across Waterford “seeing extra demand,” households, farms and businesses served by public water supplies in the city and county have, said Mr O’Riordan, “been asked to reduce water usage as much as possible. Particular schemes under the most pressure at present include the Ballymacarbry and Kill/Bunmahon/Annestown Schemes”.

“Everyone can contribute and the combination of effort will greatly help our ability to provide a continuous water supply to all.”

Further information is available via on http://www.water.ie/conservation

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