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5th Anniversary

In loving memory of Jimmy Hough late of Clonmel, Tramore and Spain who died 26th July 2016. Mass offered.

Lots of things have happened since you went away

Things you could have shared with us if god had let you stay.

But a heart of gold stopped beating, two smiling eyes took rest

It must be true when it is said, God only takes the best.

I know all my life I will miss you, for you mean the world to me

I have many precious memories that others cannot see

they are mine to keep forever, from which I’ll never part

I’ll hold them very close to me, locked inside my heart.

In heaven one day I will find you and all this hurt will go

Then I’ll put my arms around you and say I love you so.

Love you forever, Carmel. xxx


Dad, I sometimes think I see you as I walk along the street

Sometimes I hear you call me as I’m drifting off to sleep

Always I want to tell you of all things I’ve done

Or as I listen to the words of a song that you have sung

Often I feel so sad, that the tears start to flow

It’s then I really miss you Dad, more than anyone can know.

Sometimes I feel so lonely, and shed some silent tears

I seem to hear you whisper, Don’t worry I am here

I tell you that I miss you more with every passing day

Again I hear you whisper, I am never far away.

From your loving daughter Shelley and son-in-law Stephen.


You always had a smile to share, a laugh a joke time to care

A wonderful nature warm and true, these are the memories we have of you

The most wonderful Dad ever to live, whatever he had, he was willing to give

He never complained, he was not that kind, He was one of those Dads hard to find.

Thank you Dad for the times we shared the love you gave and the way you cared

Look after him Lord, as he takes his rest, For he was my Dad and one of the best.

Miss and love you Dad your son Patrick and daughter-in-law Triona.


A shadow walks beside me forever by my side

Always there to guide me every since you died

No matter how my life may change, no matter what I do

There is a place within my heart that is forever kept for you.

Forever loved and missed by your son Trevor and daughter-in-law Miranda.


A bright star shines in Heaven, it comes out each night

That bright star is our Grandad who comes out to say goodnight

So look around your garden Lord, for a gentleman with a smile

That’s our Grandad, he must stand out a mile

Give him a great big hug and tell him it’s from us.

Lots of love from your grandchildren Shane, David, Alison, Megan, Shamara, Erin, James,

Ethan and Chrissie. XXXX


Gone is the face so loving and kind, beautiful are the memories you left behind

Gone is the heart so caring and true, there’s never day we don’t think of you.

Forever in our hearts your sisters Mary, Catherine and Mago, brother-in-laws Christy,

Gerry and extended family.


No longer in our lives to share, but in our hearts you are always there

A silent thought, a quiet prayer, for a a special brother-in-law in God’s care.

Loved and missed from the Hogan Family.


Birthday remembrance of the late Michael O’Mara whose birthday occurs on the 26th of July.

A tribute of love

To a Husband, Dad and Grandad so dear

So close to my heart

Each day of the year

I will always have memories

To cherish and hold

Of a wonderful Husband, Dad and Grandad

More precious than gold.

When last we saw your smiling face

You looked so bright and well.

Little did we know that night

Was to be your last farewell.

To us you were someone special,

Someone kind and true,

You will never be forgotten,

For we thought the world of you.

Always loved and remembered by your wife Elaine, sons Kieran and Liam, daughter Chelsea, daughters-in-law Zoe and Rachel and all of your grandchildren.


26th Anniversary

In loving memory of my dear mother Nora Lanigan (nee Nurse Luby) late of 59 Roanmore Park, who died July 26th 1995. R.I.P. Mass offered.

To us you were someone special

What more is there to say

We only wish with all our hearts,

That you were here today.

Loved and always remembered by your son Raymond, Betty, Maureen and Heather.

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