Wednesday, October 13, 2021

WATERFORD’S Covid-19 Test Centre has seen a “major” increase in visitors looking to be tested in the last five days as Waterford remains the county with the highest incidence rate of the virus in the country. In the last seven days, there has been 478 confirmed cases of covid-19, which gives us an incidence rate of 411.4, which is up from Monday’s (Oct 11) rate of 351 per 100k population. In total, there have been 868 new cases of the coronavirus in Waterford in the last 14 days.

In University Hospital Waterford there are currently 17 patients with covid-19 and they are once again being treated in the Pine Ward of the Dunmore Wing. A statement from the hospital on Monday stated that  The Hospital Management Team were “actively managing this”

“University Hospital Waterford continues to operate its Covid-19 Pathway as the hospital needs to remain vigilant to protect patients and staff,” the statement read. “The Crisis Management Team continues to meet on a weekly basis and is actively monitoring and reviewing visiting restrictions in line with national guidance, infection prevention control and risk assessments as required.”



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