Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A queue of ambulances outside University Hospital Waterford on the “busiest week in months”

DESPITE having the highest uptake of the covid vaccine, as of midnight, October 18, Waterford still has the highest incidence rate (per 100k population) of coronavirus in the whole country. Between October 5 and October 18, Waterford recorded 1185 cases of Covid with an incidence rate of 1020.0 per 100k – the highest that figure has ever been. In the last week, Waterford has had 715 new cases.

In University Hospital Waterford, covid patient numbers went as high as 27 last week, but as of 9:30am this morning, that figure is now 20, with three patients in Intensive Care Units.

Last weekend, the hospital was under so much pressure that hospital manager Grace Rothwell issued a memo to staff to warn them that the hospital was “significantly over capacity”.

In a message to staff on Monday morning (October 18), Ms Rothwell said that there were 27 Covid positive patients in the hospital, and they had also admitted 11 suspected cases that night.

 “Without doubt, this has been our busiest weekend in months and we are significantly challenged this morning (Monday).”

Ms Rothwell went on to say that all scheduled admissions for the hospital have been cancelled for Monday “as there are no available beds to admit patients to”.

“I would welcome your support in ensuring safe and timely discharge of inpatients to create capacity for today and tomorrow and for the rest of the week,” Ms Rothwell said. Sadly, it looks like the situation has gotten significantly worse.

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