Monday, November 08, 2021

WHAT’S so funny about life among the Irish if you’re not from here? Well, for a start, “funny” means different things to different people.

And some things only become funny in hindsight, after maybe hundreds of exasperated eye rolls.

For example, when an Asian-looking person keeps being greeted with a cheery “Konichiwa!” Or even more hilarious: people shouting random numbers at them, followed by “…and half a dozen spring rolls, hehehe!”

Yet to quote Petra Kindler, the German creator of ‘Funny Foreigners’: “You can call yourself “marginalised” till the cows come home – but in the end we’re all just marginally different human beings; and sometimes it’s best to grab that difference and run with it.

“Pick up a hurley and use it in a way that baffles the living daylights out of Irish people! And I don’t mean whack them across the head with it. You’re clearly very familiar with that technique.”  Be prepared for many intriguing disclosures about the funny side of life among the Irish. Trigger warning: the event may contain strong opinions about Irish food, Irish roads, Irish names… and Sudocrem!

So what’s in store this Friday night at Garter Lane?

A Polish gentleman who once was scared of Irish sausages…

A Sino-Mauritian Irishman who invented a human bone replacement and still had to find a new job…

An African-American post grad student from New York who sings, plays several instruments and never stops apologising…

A new Irishwoman of Indonesian heritage who gravitates towards natural and man-made disasters…

A Jewish London Blitz survivor who knows and sees things that you don’t…

A young South African woman born in the UK, whose idea of Christmas is a big barbeque by the pool…all presented by the second-funniest German woman in Ferrybank!

‘Funny Foreigners’ runs this Friday, November 12 at 8pm in Garter Lane Theatre. Tickets priced €10 are available via or the Box Office at (051) 855038

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