Thursday, December 02, 2021

Cashel Hayden.

By Cashel Hayden

SO I’ve spent many years on gym floors, training by myself or with other people. It is through this that I have unconsciously been analysing people’s training from my own perspective – in terms of how they behave before, during and after training and the correlation between their behaviour/mindset and their progress.

It seems to me that those who hold a more positive outlook towards their training are at a distinct advantage. Our mindset before, during, and after our training will likely play a key role in terms of our rate of progression, our consistency and will likely make our training more sustainable long term

It’s too often I overhear people complaining about their training or going to the gym:

“Oh, I have to go train now.”

I stand there, bewildered, wondering what has aroused such a response to something I can only define as empowering. The opportunity to get stronger, faster, fitter, the ability to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally day in, day out. This ability to be the best version of ourselves; essentially – to become better today than we were yesterday.

This “Oh I have to” mindset immediately sets one up for failure.

Training and the ability to go to the gym or any form of exercise really; can be described as a “luxury” and what I would also label as a quite a significant factor in one’s quality of life.

On the other hand – one word can redefine this individual’s approach to their training.

Yes, one simple word. “Oh, I GET to train now.”

This is no gimmick or mind game, we get to train and we are free to do so in a manner which suit’s one’s fancy, we “GET” to chase our goals, we “GET” this opportunity to train – alone or with others, inside or outside, in an environment where everyone is chasing the same thing – progress, self-development and aspiring to be what they deem to be the best version of themselves both for themselves and the people around them.

The reality here is we do in fact have the luxury of the ability to train and exercise. Changing our thought process here by shifting our mindset where instead of making an excuse not to train, – we can make an excuse TO GO train. It does not take a crazy imagination for one to compare themselves to someone they know who is not in a position to train – whether this be due to illness, impairments, commitments, etc.

Choose a form of training which you enjoy and is conducive to your goals. This might come through trial and error – try different training methods, maybe you know which training suits you best already.

Choosing methods of training we enjoy is quite an overlooked part of peoples training. When looking to keep our training consistent and sustainable this will be a key factor when looking to achieve our desired results.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything – our time is precious, it remains up to you however; on how you choose to spend it. Don’t take it for granted, because I can guarantee there is someone out there wishing they had used theirs better. The time to start aligning our mindset with our goals is not “January” as many seem to believe – but is however, or was in fact, “Yesterday”.

I will leave you with a quote from Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher which I believe resonates well with this week’s theme: “The whole world lies in uncertainty: live immediately.”

I hope someone out there found this useful, for any questions in relation to this topic or training, nutrition, etc or for coaching inquiries simply message me on my business page on instagram @coachedbycashel_ or by email – [email protected]

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By By Cashel Hayden
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