Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pictured at the official opening of CC Creatives by Mayor of Waterford City & County Cllr Joe Kelly, from left are, Lisa Keane, Robyn Caie, Donna Wall, Shane Gaule, Kiely Gaule, Mayor Cllr Joe Kelly, Polly Doyle, Denise Simpson, Jac Sinnott and Joann Murphy. Photo: Joe Evans


‘Why go online to get the fancy mug from some unknown overseas vendor via Amazon…’


THIS week’s edition of the Waterford News & Star has a particularly festive feel – albeit still the middle of November! We mark the launch of the Festive Star – the Waterford News & Star’s 2021 Christmas Annual, Winterval prepares to kick off in Waterford city on Friday, the Hope Appeal Christmas Shoeboxes have been filled by Déise school children, and, crucially, Waterford is primed and ready to be supported by a major shop local drive this Christmas season.

The feature story with CC Creatives this week – who have transformed Kiely Gaule’s premises on the Quay – is an example in point of the imagination and entrepreneurial drive among the Déise’s small and medium enterprises.

With products and gift ideas that are high quality available in countless Waterford businesses on our doorstep, there really is no reason not to shop local this Christmas. This has a twofold benefit – you are supporting Waterford families and communities, whose success breeds further knock-on success stories, while you are also gifting truly unique, beautiful presents that are sure to be well received.

As the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (commonly known as COP26) drew to a close in Glasgow at the weekend, it is time for all of us to think twice about what we purchase and how we purchase.

Why go online to get the fancy mug from some unknown overseas vendor via Amazon… when you can buy something far superior thrown on a potter’s wheel in Waterford… or with artwork by a local painter, beautifully printed by a talented local graphic designer. Think how much better your cuppa will taste! Why fill the stockings with cheap, throwaway plastic when there are myriad, exceptional options sourced, created or crafted sustainably in Waterford?

We are accustomed to shop in a certain way, our children are inundated by marketers with toys that provide short term joy… in some case, only seconds of amusement … produced hundreds of miles away.

It is a complex habit to break, as it is cemented in place by clever television and online marketing, and the more subtle peer pressure of what others are doing and talking about – adults and children alike.

The comedians Foil, Arms and Hog produced a popular Youtube video some years ago titled, ‘Awkward Interview with Planet Earth’. It is a super piece of satire that bluntly and neatly sums up the ridiculous behaviour we all continue to emulate. And it would be hilarious… if it wasn’t so on point and our situation so precarious.

Locally, we can do our bit. And, ironically, the result is far less likely to be discomfort but rather a better, more supported, enjoyable, sustainable Christmas that gives us all a lift… economically, environmentally and mentally. That’s something worth considering this Christmas season.


Editorial, first published in November 16th edition of the Waterford News & Star

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