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SO let’s define the subject at hand: To be optimum – best or most favourable; To be practical – most effective in real circumstances. So how do we balance both?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by content online on how to train / best methods/ etc when looking at fitness professionals who have mastered their trade and have it packaged nicely to fit within their routine.

While it can be quite inspiring to take notes from these influencers/ fitness professionals, we must be cautious when looking to implement similar methods/ strategies into our own lives. We must remain aware that we are, in fact, in most cases, looking at someone’s highlight reel, in other words; we are only seeing the positive side of things due to transparency and negative aspects of one’s life not being seen as appealing for someone trying to maintain an established presence online.


‘Setting out simple daily habits that bring us closer to this goal each day should be a top priority’


This is not to say it is misinformation, this information online can be quite useful for someone who has similar goals to the given individual and can implement these strategies within their own life where they can maintain a certain level of sustainability.

This largely comes down to one’s values. Whether we notice it or not, subconsciously we allocate more time towards tasks high on our list of values.

When chasing optimisation, a certain level of balance usually gets skewed quite negatively.

So why is this? You might be asking yourself, wondering if you are still reading the same article!

This comes back to what I mentioned earlier; our values. The higher we value something, the more time we will consciously or unconsciously allocate to certain tasks that are aligning us with this given goal. The more time we allocate towards this goal/ value will result in less time being made available for us to allocate towards other factors in our life such as our relationships, social life, etc. Therefore disrupting our life balance.

How we tip the scales here will depend greatly on several factors and where we place our values.

Just to give an example… you work 9-5, and have two children to look after, here it might be most optimum when aspiring to reach your goals for you to train four to five times a week for two hours. However, it could be argued that given your commitments three days a week for one hour might be most practical given your context.

Optimum can be actually quite subjective when we approach each person’s lifestyle. Overall this should be the most efficient method for a person looking to reach their goals and become the best version of themselves (from their own perspective).

This is due to something I’ll refer to here as “Context”, which in simple terms can be defined as a person’s given environment, where they place their values, their relationships and what stage of life they are in.


There is no one size fits all approach

Keeping our training style relevant to our goals and setting out simple daily habits that bring us closer to this goal each day should be a top priority. Setting ourselves simple daily tasks that bring us closer each day to reaching our goals. Being optimum can be different for each person, find what works for you and keep it consistent.

The take home message here – sometimes being practical is, quite often, most optimum.

“The role of genius is not to complicate the simple, but to simplify the complicated,” said Criss Jami.

I hope someone out there found this useful, for any questions in relation to this topic or training, nutrition, etc., or for coaching inquiries simply message me on my business page on Instagram: @coachedbycashel_ or by email: [email protected]

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