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Our quizmaster JASON MURPHY tests your knowledge…


First published in Festive Star 2019


  1. During the Irish Civil War in 1922, anti-treatyites left explosives behind them in this famous Waterford building, when they fled from the oncoming pro-treaty brigade. Thankfully, they didn’t explode and the building still stands today. What is it?


  1. T&H Doolan’s was purchased in 2014 by the Watchorn family from Carlow but unfortunately has still not been reopened. How much did they pay for it?


  1. In 90s Waterford, what was ‘Saxone’?


  1. Where was Teddy Guilfoyle’s shop located in Waterford?


  1. Before there was Sinnott’s, there was Muldoon’s, before Muldoon’s there was Fat Sam’s, but what came before that?


  1. Where was Hanley’s Pipe Factory located?


  1. Today it’s called the Hub, before that it was the Wacky Apple and before that it was The Old Rogue. What was it called before that?


  1. In what year was Davy Mac’s demolished?


  1. What is the previous name of St. Martin’s Avenue, off Mayor’s Walk?


  1. In the 1980’s, this shop – a favourite of all Waterford children – was located between The Chuck Wagon and Burgerland. What is it?


  1. Where did the Royal British Legion have their premises in Waterford?


  1. Where was the short lived pub Trumps located?


  1. Where in Waterford could you pick your lobster from a tank before having him served to you for dinner?


  1. What Mayor of Waterford opened City Square?


  1. Which leader of Fine Gael was born in Waterford?


  1. How many full cabinet ministers has Waterford had since the foundation of the state?


  1. What year did Waterford Crystal move from Johnstown to Kilbarry?


  1. During the early 90s if I was in Olympus in Waterford where was I?


  1. Where was Morris Builders Providers located before their present location on the Cork Road?


  1. Which Waterford TD was born on Ballybricken?


  1. How many female TDs have been elected by the Waterford constituency since 1922?


  1. Where was the Radio Bar?


  1. Where in Waterford city was Boyce’s Draper shop?


  1. What celebrity opened Lisduggan Shopping Centre?


  1. Where in Waterford city did Jacobs open their first bakery?


  1. What have the tower that houses Big Ben in London and the Waterford Health Park building on Slievekeale got in common?


  1. Where would you find Syme’s Lane in Waterford?


  1. Where would you find Osborne Villas in Waterford?


  1. What were the names of the three screens in The Regina Cinema?


  1. What was the name of the German U-Boat commander who sank the Waterford steam ships SS Formby and SS Conningbeg in December 1917?

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By Jason Murphy
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