Friday, January 21, 2022

Amy Conroy in Every Brilliant Thing

GARTER Lane Arts Centre is upbeat about the future of the arts in Waterford and hoped that the aptly named “Every Brilliant Thing” will mark a triumphant return to theatre in Waterford when it opens for two nights on Friday, February 4.

From ‘water fights’ to ‘the smell of old books’ this one-person show is about a child who devises the titular list to cheer up their mother who suffers from depression. The wise and witty examination of crippling depression and the effect it has on family members, takes on a whole new resonance in an ever-changing world that has left people feeling isolated and overwhelmed. This uplifting theatrical experience, where people can come together safely, provides an important antidote for these unique January blues.

Written by Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe in 2013 and with elements of audience interaction, every performance is unique – making it the perfect show to return to again and again. Directed by the Abbey Theatre’s Andrea Ainsworth and performed by Amy Conroy, Every Brilliant Thing is infused with a sense of childlike fun and wonder, even in the face of these difficult circumstances.

Executive Director at Garter Lane, Sile Penkert said that ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ was the “perfect choice for a return to theatres” this spring time.

“It’s easy to be melancholy in the face of such difficult times, but it’s also important to remember that ‘this too shall pass’,” Sile said. “As an Arts Centre, it’s our job to ensure that when the time is right, we will have an offering that will remind people of the importance of the arts. ‘Every Brilliant Thing is charming, engaging and most importantly of all, a wonderful piece of escapism, which is what we could all do with right now.”

This show is about finding hope and falling in love with life and while serious elements are addressed with some heart-breaking moments, it is a joyful, moving celebration of the light and dark of life. Participation from the audience will be sought in a variety of ways and the interaction of the cast member and the audience is what makes ‘Every Brilliant Thing’ so special.  It’s an often-heart-breaking story about the importance of family and the lengths we go to for the ones we love.

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