Tuesday, August 30, 2022

YES, I said what I said. While security and familiarity are tempting, they are not necessarily productive in helping us get to where we want or need to go in life. If we are to look back at when we were most successful and productive in the past; this was usually done outside of our comfort zone.

This can be relatively similar to our training where we must constantly be challenging ourselves to a certain degree; whether that be in order to acquire an adaptation of some sort, or an improvement in performance.

In order to learn and develop a given area within our life – we must begin to step into areas of less familiarity. This will likely provoke mistakes, but with every mistake is a lesson learned; a systematic approach on how to approach the situation next time around.

Putting ourselves in situations which encourage mistakes in which we can use as a learning curve to become more competent in what we are looking to develop whether that be in business, life or our training.

Without a challenge, there is rarely a stimulus. Without a stimulus, there is rarely an adaptation. Growth is acquired through developing the ability to improvise, overcome and adapt when presented with a challenging or unfamiliar situation.

Environment can play a large role here as we become who we surround ourselves with. Become aware of who you spend most of your time with and do they act as a good example with regard to good habits, an open mindset and a similar sense of ambition.

“If you want to kill a big dream, tell it to a small-minded person.”

This much is true in my experience – so far in life anyway; make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people who want the best for you and encourage the best version of you. A good mindset here is not to be the smartest in the room. Trying to surround yourself with people who are more successful/educated in an area you are looking to develop will push you to learn and reach for the standards set by the given individual.

The backbone of my little rant here is to essentially take action. Take action and responsibility for what you want in life. Whether we like it or not, the responsibility lies with us to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zone. There is no magical formula here. It simply boils down to showing up each day and pushing ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

A quote I’ve used on countless occasions here, but will use again with no hesitation here:

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for.”

I hope someone out there found some of this information useful here, just some food for thought. For any questions in relation to this topic or training, nutrition, etc. or for coaching inquiries simply message me on my business page on instagram https://www.instagram.com/coachedbycashel_/ or by email – [email protected]



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By Cashel Hayden
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