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Weekly column by fitness expert Cashel Hayden for the Waterford News & Star, in association with Kingfisher Fitness Club


TIME management, a term that is thrown around a lot but rarely expanded upon in simplistic terms for people to utilise the concept to best suit their goals. So let’s break it down and keep it simple; 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day,168 hours in a week. 7-9 hours’ sleep daily (optimum), 49-63 hours of sleep a week. So what’s left here? So that’s 105-119 hours a week (depending on your sleep schedule of course!). 105-119 hours a week to get stuff done and to take care of your responsibilities. That’s 15-17 hours a day!


‘We’ve all got the same amount of hours in a day; it is how we use these hours most efficiently that counts’


I can almost guarantee that our mindless scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc equals approximately 5-7 hours daily. Not sure how you rank here? Go check your screen time and make yourself that little bit more aware of where you seem to be spending most of your time. The reality is, in order to be most optimum with our time we must structure it out prior to the commencement of the given day in a format which suits us best.

For example; we can set up a checklist to include some daily goals which are aligned with where we want to go in life. This can be done each morning or preferably the night before. Set two or three main priorities that must be completed by the end of the day. Proceed to add two or three other tasks to be completed if and when you have time left over. This might be better suited to those who are already well experienced and work with a productive routine instinctively.

Another approach which might be most optimum for people starting their journey and looking to be more productive, and/or efficient with their time, might involve a weekly day to day schedule. This usually works hour to hour.

This is completed the Saturday or Sunday before the given week starts and will look to incorporate goals broken down in task format, giving us a certain timeframe to complete each task.

This is a schedule I would recommend to all clients as it is most optimum when helping them reach their goals and is most efficient for creating a healthy balance in their life. I have kept this article quite brief here with the aim of being concise. We’ve all got the same amount of hours in a day; it is how we use these hours most efficiently that counts. Aiming for consistency over perfection. Practice does not make perfect but it makes better – and you can always better your best!

A quote I feel resonates quite well here: “Go for it because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be” – Tamar Smith

I hope someone out there found some of this information useful here, just some food for thought.

For any questions in relation to this topic or training, nutrition, etc. or for coaching inquiries simply message me on my business page on Instagram @coachedbycashel_ or by email – [email protected]

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By Cashel Hayden
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