Thursday, September 22, 2022

From ‘JH’, a Mount Sion alumnus: For those of you who would were ever part of the Mount Sion class at some stage or did the Leaving Cert in 1982, you are invited to a 40-year class reunion at Nicky’s Pub in Mayor’s Walk on Friday, September 30 around 8:30pm.  Anyone on the duck can come out of hiding. A few of you are retired now so you will have something to spend the pension on. Join in the conversation and find out about the amazing new hip joints and hair transplants available. Teachers are welcome too. As usual, most of us will be down the back.  It’s a fun night and great craic, lads. The more the merrier.

Also due to the lamented demise of Johnny Walkers chipper, fine dining is available at the takeaways in Ballybricken or Barrack Street. We will have free travel for the next big one.”

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