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Ann Power pictured in full Christmas mode with her two boys


‘The excitement (and probably the chocolate breakfast) means there is usually a lot of energy to release, so we usually head to the beach and support the Christmas Day swimmers, which often includes my husband too’


ANN Power is MD at Powerhouse PR. Powerhouse PR Ltd. delivers a range of comprehensive communications services for brands across Ireland. The company’s success lies in the creation of innovative and tailor-made communications campaigns. Ann founded Powerhouse PR Ltd. in 2009 and it has gone from strength to strength, building a portfolio of clients; and working with large-scale corporations, public bodies, state agencies, and the private sector, along with some major public events. Ann has worked on developing and delivering communications strategies for The Griffin Hotel Group, Hook Lighthouse, Wexford County Council, The Irish Heritage Trust, Mulligan’s and more. She is currently working on sharing the delights of the Winterval Festival with target audiences.


My Christmas Day

Christmas Day is full of fun, excitement and Santa Claus in our house. It will no doubt commence far, far too early, there will be creeping down the stairs to see what Santa has left and, certainly, there will be something from a selection box for breakfast. I mean, if you can’t have chocolate for breakfast on Christmas Day, when can you? Our eldest is four and is super excited about Christmas, so we have the joy of experiencing it all again through his eyes.

We also always get out for a walk. The excitement (and probably the chocolate breakfast) means there is usually a lot of energy to release, so we usually head to the beach and support the Christmas Day swimmers, which often includes my husband too.


What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Thinking about Christmas as a child I’m transported to the smells of it; we always had a really big live tree and the smell was incredible. The smells of baking weeks in advance, cake making and puddings boiling and, of course, Christmas dinner on the day, which I love. I remember sitting on the stairs at the very top by the landing as a young child one year and hearing Santa Claus rustling around downstairs… I ran back to bed as I realised that I had gotten up too early!


What was the best present that Santa Claus ever brought you?

Two items really jump out… one is a pair of the coolest pair of jeans with tan leather piping on the pockets and in the pocket, Santa had very cleverly put in some lovely hair clips and gogos! Also, a really gorgeous guitar, which I still have.


What’s the worst Christmas present you ever received?

I genuinely can’t remember one or answer this, I don’t think there is a bad present. Whatever it is someone put some thought and effort into selecting it, visiting and gifting it.


What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

I love seeing everyone and meeting up, sitting down and enjoying Christmas dinner together. It’s a rare occasion to have everyone in one place, enjoying a day and being present.

With the arrival of our two little boys, our Christmas Day celebrations have changed dramatically in the last four years. We have a whole new appreciation for Christmas and it’s a joy to have begun to build and create our own little family traditions at home. On Christmas Eve, just the four of us at home, we get into our Christmas PJs extra early, open a little Christmas Eve box and also make something delicious in the kitchen for Santa Claus and the reindeer to enjoy.


What will be on your plate this Christmas Day?

Everything! Not kidding, I love the traditional Christmas dinner, especially my Mum’s. She makes the best stuffing, it’s a recipe from my Grandfather (her father) and possibly before that, she knows it’s my favourite part so I think I get extra on my plate each time! I’m a total traditionalist, I love the turkey, ham, veggies, stuffing, the works and I even love a traditional trifle.


What are your favourite Christmas songs?

I love Wham’s Last Christmas. I also really enjoy an artist called Diana Krall, she has a really gorgeous album of Christmas songs with a jazz orchestra.


What are your favourite Christmas movies?

I’m not a great one for movies but I think Love Actually is such a great feel-good Christmas movie.


If you were seven again, what would you ask Santa for?

Imagine – wouldn’t that be so fun… I’d probably ask for a pony or a bike.


What kind of Christmas shopper are you?

I’m usually fairly organised. I start early and plan, and finish my list and then about a week before Christmas I have to go and find everything that’s on my husband’s list!!


Who will you be missing this Christmas?

Ah, my big brother. He’s usually home but this year he isn’t, so we will all miss him dearly.


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