Friday, February 24, 2023

Brian Hickey

WITH headquarters in Waterford and a headcount of 30+ employees, VROMO is a delivery management software solution designed specifically for restaurant brands.

Since breaking into the US market in 2020, VROMO has served customers in over 250 cities, worked with some of the biggest US restaurant brands, and is continuing to broaden its fleet capabilities, alongside lengthening its extensive integration list.

Following their rebrand in 2019 from a last-mile delivery service provider to the technology solution VROMO, their software has been helping restaurant brands to operate efficient delivery at scale, whilst providing end-customers with a branded delivery tracking experience from the kitchen to their home.

Integrated at the Point of Sale with no manual implementation required, VROMO makes the entire delivery process more efficient for restaurants with automation technology. The solution also enables operators to track the progress of each order and serves to reduce the total cost of their delivery operations by up to 24%.

Their pivot to a SaaS model came at a time when finding success in the restaurant industry seemed frivolous for many due to labour shortages, fuel price hikes, and ever-increasing third-party delivery fees.

As a result, restaurants offered the convenience of delivery to their customers at the expense of their bottom line.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout these economic pitfalls, however, is the increase in demand for restaurant delivery among consumers. The VROMO solution helps restaurants to capitalise on this increase in demand.

With VROMO, restaurants have the opportunity to scale their delivery channel, an avenue that was once only a small percentage of their business, by availing of the most competitive delivery prices on the market alongside creating the most efficient delivery operation possible.

With the demand for restaurant food delivery not showing signs of halting anytime soon, VROMO has experienced a major increase in appeal by restaurants for greater fleet capabilities across the US.

They are meeting this demand by partnering with some of the best delivery fleets in the country in order to strengthen delivery capabilities – from the big marketplace players right down to the local delivery heroes.

More recently, VROMO announced a partnership with Uber Direct that will help restaurants to increase their delivery fulfilment rates and drive down their operational costs.

Similar to their ongoing partnership with DoorDash that transpired in 2021, having Uber as a delivery partner will see an increase in delivery options and a reduction in delivery fees for hundreds of restaurants across the US. With this additional partnership under their belt, the future looks bright for VROMO.

Their sights are firmly set on continued expansion throughout North America. Right now, their focus is on the development of their delivery offerings via their fleet product, which will offer extensive fleet coverage for restaurants throughout the US. This will help restaurants to increase their order volume, fulfil more orders at a lower cost and meet their customers’ demands.

In addition, VROMO is continuing to hire for crucial roles in both the US and Ireland, which has been a major success story when considering the countless tech layoffs that dominated the news last year.

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