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3rd, 4th and 5th class pupils from the Presentation Primary School with the stars of the show, Anna and Elsa, at the Presentation TY production of Frozen. Photo: Joe Evans


REVIEW: Presentation Convent’s Frozen The Musical


PRESENTATION Convent have been producing musicals since 1974. A conveyor belt of shows such as Arcadians, Maid of the Mountains, Quaker Girl quickly moved into more contemporary shows such as Oklahoma, South Pacific and Fiddler on the Roof. And now, with music teacher Mark Scanlon, the school has become uber-contemporary with the newest version of Frozen the Musical that is packing the crowds in on Mattie’s Hill.

A story of true love and acceptance between sisters, Frozen JR. expands upon the emotional relationship and journey between Princesses Anna and Elsa. When faced with danger, the two discover their hidden potential and the powerful bond of sisterhood. There’s a quirky-fun cast of Disney characters like the likeable Olaf the Snowman (Kate Walsh) and the comic Sven the Reindeer (Kayley English). Frozen JR. is top-heavy with magic, adventure, and plenty of humour to entertain any audience.


‘The long list of student credits in the programme are a credit to TY’


And – like the property programmes – we’ve got a gym conversion into a theatre for the week. One of the advantages is that we’ve got a huge stage to facilitate the entire Transition Year class of 2023 who have all got roles to play. They’ve got that goldfish rim of pride in their show and why wouldn’t they be because they’ve got a first-class production on their hands with buckets of talent on stage.

There are Annas and Elsas to beat the band here and beat the band they do with some top-class voices and a splendid sound and lighting design courtesy of Dirk Baumann and Paul Browne. Young Anna, Middle Anna, and Anna are spot on as all the young Princesses of Arendelle at different ages. Young Anna’s part alternates between Megan O’Shea Cronin (tonight) and Elodie Dooley, while Middle Anna is played by Natasha Marimira. Ava Carey is the loving and devoted sister to Elsa who stands by the older princess despite all the accusations thrown at her by the duplicitous Kristoff, played by the excellent Kate Walsh.

Young Elsa is played alternatively by Leah Barden (tonight) and also by Lily Drohan, while Middle Elsa is played by Tarawat Murwat. Vitoria Helen has the plum role of Elsa and her “Let it go” solo booms around the hall with lots of the audience singing and clapping along. Vitoria’s brooding presence as Elsa brings that sense of inner conflict as she struggles with her magic powers to the character that is really central to the plotline.

All the principal parts are well cast. Hannah Cummins is excellent as the duplicitous villain Hans, who goes from loving courtier to power-hungry villain. Kate Walsh is strong and supportive as the likeable Hans, while Ruby Walsh and Maimouna Zifia Traore are suitably regal as King Aggnar and Queen Iduna. Angie Gorma and Ellie Smith appear as leaders of the Hidden People, while Aleyna Bozkurt is a picture-perfect Bishop complete with mitre. Holly Power as Weselton and Sarah Hoffman as Oaken complete this talented cast.

All the students in Presentation Transition Year are involved in this production and the long list of student credits in the programme are a credit to TY.

By Pat McEvoy, Arts Correspondent
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