Thursday, March 16, 2023

A GARDA revealed that drug-related intimidation is an ongoing concern in Waterford.

Speaking at the recent Waterford Community Safety Partnership meeting, Detective Inspector Donal Donohue spoke about the ongoing issues involving drug intimidation.

He said: “We are seeing, in the last number of years, where one person owes a drug debt, it has an impact on the extended family and this is a relatively new feature of the drug scene.

“A whole family can be affected by one person owing the money.

“The type of intimidation ranges from threats, violence, criminal damage, assault, sexual violence, and hostile takeovers.”

Inspector Donohue spoke about how victims caught in the crosshairs of the drug trade seek out Garda support.

He cited the Drug Related Intimidation Programme, which was set up to help people affected by drug-related intimidation.

“In a lot of cases we see that people report it to us more seeking our support than to begin the criminal justice process. When that happens we provide practical safety information and the advice and guidance of the crime prevention officer is offered.

“[There are] patrols of the area, engagement with the individual, families, and communities.”

Inspector Donohoe encouraged people who are struggling with this issue to come forward to their local Garda Station for help and support.

By Caroline Spencer
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