Thursday, March 16, 2023

Community Safety Partnership Coordinator Eddie Mulligan and Green Party Councillor Cristíona Kiely at the Large Room, Waterford City Hall.

COUNCILLOR Cristíona Kiely was warmly received into the Waterford Community Safety Partnership this week.

Chair Sean Aylward welcomed the Green Party Councillor, who is replacing Councillor Seamus Ryan on the committee.

Cllr Kiely brought to light the issues of dangerous driving impacting cycling and pedestrian areas.

The Tramore local spoke of how these conditions negatively impact the community.

She said: “Parking on footpaths is a massive issue. I live in Tramore and it impacts on people who want to walk and cycle and who are using a wheelchair and it forces people out on to the road.

“What we want in Waterford is a society where you can let go of a child’s hand and not be afraid that on a footpath, they’re not going to be run over by a car that’s driving, parking or reversing on to a footpath.”

She continued: “The reason a whole load of people won’t let their children cycle to school is because of cars parked on the sides of roads and only in the last few days a cyclist was knocked down on the Manor by a car that was moving into the cycle lane to park.”

By Caroline Spencer
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