Bishop warns against Yoga and Mindfulness in schools

Bishop of Waterford & Lismore Alphonsus Cullinan has written to schools across Waterford City & County warning against the teaching of Yoga and mindfulness. In the letter, which was sent on October 10, Bishop Cullinan said that “Yoga is not...

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Drunk drivers getting off scot-free

A MEMBER of Waterford Gardaí had no choice but to release five drunk drivers in the past fortnight because he could not get a GP to take a blood sample from the drivers within the mandatory three hour period. In...

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Locals’ show of support for The Haven

A GROUP of approximately 50-70 people – calling themselves “Friends of Dunmore East” – held a peaceful protest outside City...

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Staff levels probed as housing delays continue

FINE Gael Councillor John Cummins quizzed the Council’s housing department at last week’s Plenary Meeting about their staffing levels. “Is...

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Cummins probes ‘protection money’

AT last week’s Plenary Council Meeting, Fine Gael Councillor John Cummins challenged Housing Director Ivan Grimes about an issue, which...

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New bye-laws crack down on buskers and preachers

AT last week’s Plenary Council Meeting, Councillors finalised the relatively contentious Parks, Playgrounds and Open Spaces bye-laws for 2019. Most...

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More Darren Skelton

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