Remembering…The Lark in the Park

WATERFORD has always been a happening city, from Trills on the Hill to Beats on the Street, and that’s not even to mention your Spraoi’s and your Imagines and about a million and one other festivals that we don’t have...

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PRIDE OF THE DÉISE: Meet the team!

Pride of the Déise festival takes place online from Friday, May 29th-Sunday, May 31st   BEHIND every great festival you’ll...

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Female garda assaulted after asking group to disperse

A FEMALE Garda was assaulted on Monday evening after herself and her colleagues asked a group of people to leave...

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The Covid Alliance

The secret of Waterford’s staunch defence against Covid-19 was two hospitals breaking down barriers and building new relationships AS of...

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The family who beat the coronavirus

  Trevor Gallagher, Ciaran Godkin, Thomas Gallagher and Therese Godkin who all contracted Covid-19 but thankfully lived to tell the...

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More Darren Skelton

More Darren Skelton

Hero garda was to become a Sergeant

The Waterford News & Star, May 25 1990


DARREN SKELTON: The first day back

Obituary: Martin was a man of many memories

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