View from the Green Room: Remembering Vera Lynn

  Tramore: My Laptop IT’S not so long since Cathal McCabe’s production of ‘We’ll Meet Again – The Story of Vera Lynn’ attracted a big house to the Theatre Royal. As you would expect, it was a night when senior...

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VIEW FROM THE GREEN ROOM: Statues of Limitations

  Tramore: Pat McEvoy’s Laptop “THE past is another country,” repeats Dr. Eugene Broderick continuously throughout his award-winning Waterford Museum of Treasures talks, “they do things differently there.” Revisiting the past with the values of the present is never a...

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VIEW FROM THE GREEN ROOM: Connell, Marianne and Me

  Tramore: My Laptop WHY is Normal People such a phenomenal hit? Well, it definitely appealed to people across the...

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View from the Green Room: normal people in abnormal times

Tramore: Pat McEvoy’s Laptop MY grandson Gabriel lives in Dublin. He likes stories. And like any four-year-old boy, he wants...

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VIEW FROM THE GREEN ROOM: Brendan Bowyer – Our Hucklebuck Hero

Tramore: Pat McEvoy’s Laptop WE had all the records and someone was always playing them in the house. Kiss Me...

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View from the Green Room: Thoughts on the re-emergence

Tramore: My Laptop AND so the Minister Everything-Under-The-Sun and guess-who-wants-to-be-Taoiseach Simon Harris spoke and limited release from Lockdown is in...

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More Pat McEvoy

View from the Green Room: Lockdown Blues

View from the Green Room: Cuckooning

GREEN ROOM AWARDS: Night of a Thousand Stars

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