The Waterford News & Star is Waterford’s biggest selling local newspaper. The multi-award winning paper was first published as the Waterford Star in 1848 and has proudly served the people of Waterford ever since.

Published every Tuesday, the News & Star is the newspaper of choice for Waterford readers who love its mix of local news, features and sport. The paper is also famous for its photographic coverage of events the length and breadth of the county, and also for its outstanding columnists.

The paper provides the most extensive news coverage in Waterford, unafraid to publish the bad news stories or to campaign for change and proud to publish the good news stories and celebrate the achievements of Waterford and its people.

Our sports coverage is the most comprehensive in Waterford, and truly reflects Waterford’s obsession with sport.

The Waterford News & Star strives to uphold the principles of media freedom and to ensure that the news we disseminate is honestly conveyed, fair and accurate. The Waterford News & Star is a member of The Press Council of Ireland.